To develop and organise tailor-made cultural preparation courses for North African students who start a European study experience as well as for those who wish to undertake studies in Europe in the future, to develop an eCourse on the same topic in order to reach a broader public and to provide a toolbox for universities wishing to engage in similar programmes in the future.


  • To improve efficiency and accessibility for students from North Africa and the Middle East entering the EHEA
  • To further knowledge and cultural awareness of European Cultures, the European Union and the EHEA
  • To increase the intercultural skills of candidate and arriving students from North Africa and the Middle East at European Universities

Target Groups

  • Student Population in North Africa (both candidate students and arriving students at European Universities)
  • North African, Middle Eastern and European Student Population at large
  • EHEA and the EuroMediterranean Higher Education Area
  • The EuroMediterranean Society as such

Main Activities

  • Workshop on Training Needs and Methodology
  • Run 4 Training Courses at different Partner Institutions (Granada, Pavia, Mechelen, Tunis)
  • Project Website
  • eCourse on cultural preparation for the wider potential student public in North Africa and the Middle East
  • Toolbox for universities in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East wishing to engage in similar activities

Expected Outputs

The target groups will be better prepared (culturally) before starting a study programme at any European University, which will enhance better academic results. They will be better informed about the profile of the EHEA and the Bologna Process and will automatically gain an increased interest to come and study at European Universities. Students coming from the target regions will come to consider cultural differences as a source of enrichment rather than a source of divide between the neighbouring cultures.

Project Website

Funded under the Erasmus Mundus Action IV Programme

Contract Period: 01.12.2007 – 31.05.2009


  • Universidad de Granada (University of Granada):
  • Centro de Enseñanzas Virtuales de la Universidad de Granada (Virtual Learning Centre of the University of Granada):
  • Università degli Studi di Pavia (University of Pavia):
  • Université de Tunis (University of Tunis):
  • Université Mohammed Premier Oujda (Mohammed I University – Oujda):
  • CIMIC: Center for Intercultural Management and International Communication (Katholieke Hogeschool Mechelen):
  • Universitat Rovira I Virgili (Rovira I Virgili University) – Euromed Permanent University Forum (EPUF):