Project Rationale

The multi-stakeholder partnership gathered around the Compostela Group of Universities embraces the recent EC Communication (20.09.11): ‘Supporting Growth and Jobs – an Agenda for the Modernisation of Europe’s HE Systems’

Through the EMMA project it will generate and facilitate a pro-active, in-depth debate among relevant university representatives and stakeholders on the main policy issues highlighted in the Communication by means of highly interactive seminars.  All through the project implementation, a much needed hands-on approach towards the subject matter will be adopted: What can we undertake?, How can we react in the most appropriate and efficient manner to the current challenges imposed by both the crisis and globalisation?, What can the EHEA mean for the future of Europe when it comes to supporting growth and jobs?


  • 1st  2-days Seminar focussing on a) increasing attainment levels, b) improving quality and relevance of HE and c) strengthening quality through mobility and cross-border cooperation.
  • 2nd 1-day Seminar focussing on a) the knowledge triangle & b) improving governance and funding.
  • EMMA Compostela Group Recommendations (Publication), for the benefit of the wider EHEA (i.e. incl. stakeholders)
  • A targeted dissemination campaign aiming at maximum involvement of stakeholders and resulting in a widely-spread tangible project outcome (concrete hands-on advice, do’s and don’ts, etc.).
  • Appropriate management and quality monitoring policies in view of successful implementation of the ambitious goals listed above.


  • Discussion forum (part of website) for awareness raising purposes (also beyond the EU!) on EU policies (including a repository of relevant policy papers).
  • The parallel creation of an EMMA interest Group within the Compostela Group in view of project continuity and sustainability.
  • Additional support and spin-off initiatives.

Funded under the EU Lifelong Learning Programme – Erasmus, Accompanying Measures

Contract period: 1 October 2012 – 30 September 2013

  • Compostela Group of Universities (ES) (Coordinator)
  • Brussels Education Services (BE)
  • VOKA – Flemish Employers Association (BE)
  • EMA – Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association (DE)