Project Summary:

The Expanding Opportunities Project will bring together leading actors from a sample of LLP countries, which will promote transnational cooperation in the implementation of Lifelong Learning Strategies, more particularly in the field of Widening Access. The main aim of the project is to identify critical factors, create synergies and formulate appropriate answers to the following challenges:

  • The need to improve the perception of Higher Education among school and other target populations,
  • The need for more efficient outreach to non-traditional/new student groups,
  • The need for a revision of the admission systems to Higher Education,
  • The need for appropriate support services for the new student cohorts.

In the course of 2 project years, the following output will be produced:

  • A European survey focussing on the 4 priority fields mentioned above,
  • Data analysis and Identification of Good Practice in a minimum of 6 LLP countries,
  • Project workshop involving the main stakeholders as well as representatives from all LLP countries to enter deeper into the subject matter and formulate concise proposals for improvement,
  • Project publication: guidelines, recommendations & examples of good practice
  • Peer learning and exchange of expertise,
  • A minimum of 6 national/regional action plans for ‘Widening Access’ in the partner countries,
  • Dissemination and Exploitation activities,
  • Final project conference.

Partners in the project have been carefully selected on the basis of their expertise, the countries they represent and the access they have to the main stakeholders. The project dynamics will generate concrete and practical results, which will take previous related project results to a next level, given that the transversal aspect as well as the outreach to the stakeholders has been respected. Independent experts with competences in the subject matter will overlook the process. A community of experts will be created.

Funded under the EU Lifelong Learning Programme – Policy Cooperation and Innovation in Lifelong Learning (Key Activity 1)

Project Website:

Contract Period: 01.02.2012 – 31.01.2014

Universiteit Gent (BE) (Coordinator)
Brussels Education Services (BE)
CHE Consult (DE)
University of Essex (UK)
Vilniaus Universitetas (LT)
Linköping Universitet (SE)
Karadeniz Technical University (TR)
Universidad de Granada (ES)